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This site is a site that connects people with disabilities, socially troubled people, and the world.


There are various payment methods such as PayPal, account payment, credit card, etc.

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All products related to people with disabilities include shipping and tax.

If you have any problems or would like additional product information, please contact us. TEL:+81(0)3-6910-8990

About this site

This site collects and sells anime and manga goods from Japan and abroad. We will do our best to find and provide items that interest you.

In addition, this site is operated by a company that supports people with disabilities. And this work is generally performed only by so-called people with disabilities, and all profits are used for people with disabilities and facilities for people with disabilities.Our company and this EC site are operated so that we can contribute to the income and status improvement of people with disabilities as much as possible.

Purchasing here will help people with a wide range of disabilities and will be part of the SDGs. We applicate your understanding and cooperation.


This is made by people with disabilities



The other operated site

Prevision Partner

Prevision Partner

It is a matching site that supports meeting people with disabilities and socially troubled people. We check IDs, follow up on meeting individuals, and help meet people outside the site.




Notice from the store

Let me give you valuable information such as new products and sale information.


Address :Nishino building 5F, 33-3, Yayoicho Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-0021 Japan


Business day :Monday ~ Friday Business hour :10am 〜 5pm

Note : It cannot be sold directly at the store that's why we are not able to sell here.