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HELP card design when you want help Ⅱ

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This product is a card that you can show to people around you when you are in trouble and ask for help.
It can be used freely, but it is mainly intended for densely packed places where you cannot move. If you were molested on the train, if you got sick on the bus, if you had some kind of trouble, etc.

In addition, you can use it freely, such as giving it to children and people with disabilities who do not have a mobile phone / smartphone yet.

*There is a photo with a string attached, but this is a reference example. Accessories such as strings are included, so if you need them, please purchase them at a 100-yen shop. In addition, the product is of Design I.

Body size: about vertical 100 x horizontal 75 x thickness 3mm
Contents: 1 piece
Material: Plate: Acrylic

Country of Origin: Japan Shipping: Free (ordinary mail)

* This product is a product in which people with disabilities are involved in everything from design to production.