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BB Senshi Machine Dafu Sima Yi Sazabi Red Plated Version

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[Product Description] Product Name: Machine Tafu Sima Yi Sazabi Red Plated Version

Brand/Manufacturer: Bandai

Product explanation
"SD Gundam BB Senshi Sangokuden War God Duel"
■ "Sima Yi Sazabi", who became the master of the machine, has been made into a kit in the appearance of the new chapter
■ Red, the original color of Sazabi, is reproduced with color plating.
- Can be recombined into two forms: military commander mode and strategist mode
Weapons "Silver Fang" and "Red Wing Fan" combined into "Fang Wing Greatsword" Product Description

[Product status]: Unassembled
*In some cases, there may be scratches or stains, so please check the photos.